Neha’s Favorites: Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald


I freakin’ LOVED this book. It’s about a girl, Sadie, who’s in love with her best friend. She makes herself into his “ideal” girl with the hope that he’ll finally wake up and realize he’s in love with her. I read it my senior year of high school, and the message about embracing who you are has really stuck with me throughout the years. I think every girl has, at some point, pretended to have certain interests so a guy will like her more (I certainly have!).

The message might seem cliche, but the book is actually a little quirky. What I really loved about the book is that it focused on Sadie. There wasn’t just another boy thrown in that made her realize she doesn’t have to change–she figured it out for herself. I think that’s so important. If we go from changing ourselves for one guy to only regaining our confidence with the help of another guy, it really weakens the message. Like I’ve said before, I often find it difficult to like books where rooting for the romance isn’t central to the story. But I loved this one. It was empowering in it’s own way, at a time in my life when I really needed it. It’s worth reading for sure!


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